nwz quote from: Nordwestzeitung Oldenburg

...the narrative technique of the film counteracts against this reduction on the wheelchair..
billerbeck quote from - Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung
...I felt this as absolutely exiting and wonderful!" explains the director...
presse_bba_ich_sehe_was quote from - Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung

..It'll be important to see the person, not his handicap..
Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung
presse_bba quote from - Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung

... Under expert guidance the young people learn to use the camera and have part in the creation of a documentation ..
Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung
Interview Allgemeine Zeitung Billerbeck
quote from - Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung

AZ: for two times the film has been presented in Berlin City, who did the audience  reacted? 

Susanna Wuestneck: the people crying, laughing and deliberate...
Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung  Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung
Coesfelder Ankuendigung
quote from - Allgemeine Zeitung Coesfeld:

AZC: "til the End" is a film documentation on the luck of having a life and the nessicity of death.
 Coesfelder Allgemeine Zeitung Coesfelder Allgemeine Zeitung
billerbecker_allgemeine quote from - Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung - written by Astrid Hilbert:

...With her camera  Wuestneck catched brigh but also silent moments  and very personal perspectives  of  the patients, relatives, nurses and doctors.
Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung  Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung
maerkische_allgemeine_zeitung quote from Maerkische Allgemeine Zeitung

It is a hard one to accept  the mortality. The film maker Susanna Wuestneck  pleads to think life through and live a happy one. The end of life should be to accept as a normal occurrence. She refer to oneself not as one of many, but one off all people...
Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung
wn quote from  Westphaelische Nachrichten

...even the medical doctors were confronted with a unprepared situation, so wuestneck catched dead honest answers to questions about hope and what will happen, if the sickness is beyond recovery ...
Westphaelische Nachrichten Westphaelische Nachrichten
mz quote from Muenstersche Allgemeine Zeitung

..Her documentation "till the end" is ... not a melancholic movie about cancer patience  and the battle against cancer...

...it is a matter of the happiness to be alive.
Muenstersche Allgemeine Zeitung Muenstersche Allgemeine Zeitung
kmh_interview  quote from
Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung

...Susanna operated lovingly throught the kamera...

..during the last weeks, she cut the movie into very impressive and insightful 40 minutes...
Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung Billerbecker Allgemeine Zeitung
bbstandtanzeiger quote from
Billerbecker Stadtanzeiger

...They are different, they are special - the kids with handicaps ...theirs searching for the luck of live illustrates the 40 minutes documentary...
Billerbecker Stadtanzeiger Billerbecker Stadtanzeiger
mfg_bb_anzeiger quote from
Billerbecker Stadtanzeiger  

"...with her camera did she captured her
.... thrilling encounters..."

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